Rare and important half seconds wall regulator by Tiede

Ref: 1193


An exceptional and rare half seconds wall regulator by Friedrich Tiede in a flamboyant rococo revival case.

Friederich Tiede (1794 – 1877) was a very important German chronometer and precision clock maker who was part of the trio with Gutkaes and Lange. These three were responsible for huge advancements in precision horology in Germany in the early 19th Century.They were particularly interested in reducing friction within a clock’s movement by doing away with the crutch and this unique clock is an example of just that with the pendulum suspended directly from the anchor.

The case is a very ornate gilded example of the Rococo revival covered with swags and swirls. It is beautifully made with a velvet covered back board that has a hidden compartment in which the square lead weight falls.

The movement is superbly made with chronometer sized wheel work driven by an extremely narrow diameter barrel. The inverted escapement is at the bottom of the movement.

The miniature precision pendulum was almost certainly supplied by Grossman and features a zinc and steel 5 rod pendulum terminating in a solid heavily carved ornate bob. Since there is no crutch to adjust, the beat setting is achieved by means of a tiny winding square that acts on an ingenious threaded, hinged hook at the top of the pendulum that hangs via a suspension spring directly to the anchor.

The dial is the size of a chronometer with central hour and minute hands with a seconds sub dial at 6 and an up and down scale at 12.
The clock is capable of a very high degree of accuracy and must have been an important commission from a client who wanted a very decorative and diminutive precision regulator.

It is an important recent discovery that has been written about in various horological books and it is the only known example.

Height: 19″
Width: 7″
Depth: 4″
Dial Diameter: 3¾”

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