Observatory wall regulator by Satori

Ref: 1165


A very fine observatory wall regulator by Karl Satori with inverted spring impulse escapement and electrically re-set remontoire. The well figured walnut case features a separate lift off glazed cover held in place by 6 large brass knurled bolts. The substantial backboard is fixed to the wall by adjustable bolts and screws to allow adjustments to ensure it is vertical. The finely made movement is held by 4 brass pillars to a heavy cast iron bracket that is also adjustable.

Karl Satori was a talented and inventive maker of precision clocks in Vienna and supplied many regulators to observatories and institutions. Of the 17 known to still exist only 7 have his inverted spring impulse escapement. This particular regulator is numbered 118 with pendulum number 130 and dates from the beginning of the 20thC. The high quality movement has 5 spoke wheel work throughout and is spring driven via an electrically re-set remontoire, triggered by a mercury tilt switch. The spring impulse escapement is a development of the Paul Stubner/Strasser & Rohde type but with an integrated anchor and suspension spring. The spring impulse escapement is a detached escapement where impulse is given to the pendulum by the release of a pair of distorted springs that are “loaded” by the 2 phase pallets and is an ingenious and fascinating action to observe.The regulator is in exceptional condition and comes complete with it’s original walnut veneered battery cover and a selection of rated aluminium timing weights. The clock is perfect for someone who travels a lot as it does not need to be wound.

Height: 67″
Width: 18″
Depth: 7″
Dial Diameter: 11″

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