In Progress

Please contact us for more information about any of the following clocks in progress:

1056 – Magneta ships electro-mechanical ships master clock and brass slave

1071 – Magneta ships electro-mechanical master clock and brass slave

1094 – The last known Fedchenko tank regulator

1104 – Ex-Power station Favag electric regulator

1136 – Ex-Observatory precision astronomical regulator by Robert Bryson

1140 – Rare electric dial clock with Ferraris motor drive and jewelled lever escapement by Zenith

1142 – Unique Favag Crystal with optical impulse

1143 – Ex-Radio station Favag in modernist case

1147 – Ex-power station Favag Master clock and slave

1150 – Magnificent Charles Frodsham large sized pocket chronometer with it’s original display box

1162 – Precision wall regulator from a watchmaking school with Strasser’s spring Impulse escapement.

1163 – Extremely rare numbered Danish observatory wall regulator by L.Knudsen, Odense.

1162 – Rare electrically re – wound table chronometer by Thomas Mercer.

1170 – Exceptional observatory regulator by Thomas Lozano

Various – an exciting collection of rare Synchronome master and slave clocks.