In Progress

Please contact us for more information about any of the following clocks in progress:

1251 – Unique Ex-Italian Royal Navy Peyer Favarger regulator with astronomical slave

1250 – Unique Steuart’s Patent electric regulator by Meek in brass tank

1248 – Ex.Cape of Good Hope Observatory Riefler tank regulator

1247 – Exceptional art deco observatory regulator by Zenith

1246 – Superb wall mounted combination clock and mercury barograph by Yeates & Co. Dublin

1245 – Regency regulator by Barwise with exceptional month duration movement by Leyland

1244 – Rare hooded wall clock by Ellicott

1243 – Rene Bunzli exhibition regulator

1241 – Vulliamy oak bracket clock

1238 – Exceptional skeleton regulator with gravity escapement

1176 – Mahogany drop dial wall clock by Vulliamy No.1012 with rare wooden dial

1162 – Wall regulator with spring impulse escapement

1147 – Ex-power station Favag Master clock and slave

1140 – Rare electric dial clock with Ferraris motor drive and jewelled lever escapement by Zenith

1094 – The last known Fedchenko tank regulator

1056 – Magneta ships electro-mechanical ships master clock and brass slave