In Progress

Please contact us for more information about any of the following clocks in progress:

1273 – Extremely rare J.Neher Sohne/Riefler observatory regulator master clock

1272 – Exceptional brass cased regulator by Jarossay

1271 – The Ex-Downside Abbey. William Hardy observatory regulator with spring impulse escapement

1267 – Patek Philippe electronic master clock with Ex-Rolex watchmaker’s electric bench slave clock

1266 – Ex-BBC Broadcasting House Patek Philippe electronic master clock stack system

1265 – A.Tomberg observatory regulator/master clock

1264 – Rare Brillie marble/brass table regulator

1262 – Ex-factory Brillie master clock and rare programmer

1261 – English giant carriage clock with fusee movement

1259 – Favag Crystal regulator with 2 sub dials

1250 – Unique Steuart’s Patent electric regulator by Meek in brass tank

1147 – Ex-power station Favag Master clock and slave

1140 – Rare electric dial clock with Ferraris motor drive and jewelled lever escapement by Zenith

1094 – The last known Fedchenko tank regulator