Rare walnut wall mounted numbered regulator with month duration movement by Lauritz Knudsen of Odense

Ref: 1163


The elegant case is made from contrasting grains and colours of walnut and features a lift-off glazed cover secured to the heavy backboard by 4 knurled brass bolts.

The movement is month duration, almost certainly supplied by Strasser & Rohde with jewelled pallets and bearings. The extremely fine wheel-work is frosted and gilded and has Strasser’s signature canted crutch. The extraordinary steel jar pendulum has mercury compensation and has Strasser’s ingenious beat setting mechanism fitted to the pendulum rod. The movement is bolted onto a very heavy brass bracket that incorporates a separate pendulum support. The painted lead slab weight falls via a roller to the side of the case and so is out of view.

The brass silvered dial has conventional hour and minute hands with inset seconds at 12 and is signed L.Knudsen. Odense. No.3.

Lauritz Knudsen (1863 – 1917) was a talented clockmaker who trained in Glashutte and then went on to found the giant electrical company LK that still exists in Denmark today.

This clock hung in the LK directors boardroom until recently and is described and illustrated in a company leaflet.

Height: 50¼”
Width: 15½”
Depth: 8″
Dial Diameter: 9½”

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