Month duration wall regulator by Dent. No.61257

Ref: 1217


Superb large wall mounted regulator by one of England’s finest regulator makers, Dent of London. Typical Dent Lift-off mahogany glazed case with carved details and base. The beautifully finished month duration movement has classic, Dent style tapered pillars and delicate 5 wheel train with high count pinions, outside escape wheel and a dead beat escapement with jewelled pallets. The movement has Geneva stop work, a feature only seen on the best of the Dent movements. The bronzed finish weight and pulley fall to the RH side of the case and are wound via a hole in the front glass that has a sliding brass cover. The movement is bolted to a cast iron bracket with separate pendulum support. The pendulum has a Buckney type lead bob at a fixed position with regulation carried out by a sliding weight on the rod. The classic regulator format dial is larger than normal Dents at 11” overall and is signed DENT Clockmaker to the King. 28 COCKSPUR St. & 4 ROYAL EXCHANGE LONDON. and is numbered 61257 in the subsidiary hour dial. Circa.1920

Height: 60½”
Width: 16½”
Depth: 9¾”
Dial Diameter: 11″

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