Classic dome topped Victorian regulator by Davis

Ref: 1206


Classic mahogany “mile stone” jeweller’s regulator with an exceptionally large movement of the finest quality supplied by Gillett. The 12” regulator format dial is signed W.Davis & Sons, CHRONOMETER, Watch & Clock Manufacturers. I suspect that this was the house regulator for William Davis and would have been proudly displayed in one of their shops in either New Street, Birmingham or London.

The movement is extraordinary with massive, heavy rectangular plates joined by 5 turned pillars, high count pinions, jewelled pallets and adjustable end stops throughout the train. The movement is signed under one of the pillar washers GILLETT LONDON 1537, they were one of the finest regulator movement suppliers at the time. The movement is protected by bevelled glass plates that are positioned in grooves to the top and sides. The movement sits on a very heavy cast iron frame that has a separate pendulum support with integral beat setting. All in all an exceptional regulator capable of very accurate timekeeping with a movement made regardless of expense.

Height: 74½”
Width: 15½”
Depth: 12″
Dial Diameter: 12″

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