A very rare numbered jump-hour table clock by Breguet

Ref: 1127


The elegant, severely styled rectangular mahogany case is given a playful twist by having gilded lion’s paw feet at each corner which make you feel as though it would scamper off as soon as you turned your back.

The plain mahogany back is in fact a sliding panel to allow access to the movement and is numbered 1812.

The 14 day duration jump-hour movement has rectangular plates with curved bases to cover the barrel that is typical of Breguet. The fine wheel work has 4 delicate crossings, a double ended barrel with one side driving the going train the other driving the striking train. The pendulum has silk suspension and the slender pendulum has an oval blued steel rod with a brass disc bob. It strikes on the hour and half hour and has a push repeat lever in the base of the case.

The dial is beautifully enamelled with delicate Arabic numerals with very fine flourishes and is signed Breguet. there is a regulation square at the very top of the dial and a winding square at the very bottom, both are hidden from view when the heavy gilded, brass bezel is closed.

The clock comes with a certificate from the Breguet archive dept. Confirming that the clock was made by them and sold to a Mr. Martins on July 23rd 1805.

Height: 11¼”
Width: 7″
Depth: 5″
Dial Diameter: 4½”

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